If anyone's wondering what's been going on with my writing lately, I am currently putting most of my efforts into a collaborative project known as Phase One: Genesis. This brings together many talented writers in the fandom to write a comprehensive origin for each agent, and Project Freelancer itself. Check it out! And if you're a writer, you can apply to join. We're not taking new authors at the moment, but we will eventually.

I've also got a review blog going, where I disassemble various Mary Sue/Gary Stu OCs. If you're into that, check it out here.
So, I was thinking about making some sort of review thing -I already review fan-fiction, but I meant in the style of some sort of movie review, except with Mary Sues. What do you think?
Well, don't I feel all official. I got a website and everything!

Well, this ought to be interesting.